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Risk Management Consulting
Businesses typically focus upon the risks of a business environment in which they operate. Just as critical, however, are non-business risks which can have catastrophic consequences on an organization’s ability to grow---- or survive.  

Non-business risks would include damage to your property; a threat or experience of lawsuits; injury to employees, individuals in your care and/or the public at large.  

Types of Services

Risk Management Audit

Trinity Asset Protection can conduct a broad-based audit of your operations and insurance and risk control program. This would include:

  • Identification of loss exposures that your organization faces by asking questions, examining contracts, visiting sites, etc.
  • Assessment of the identified exposures by determining probability and loss consequences.
  • Development of risk management strategies to address such loss exposures.
  • Assistance in the implementation of such measures

Insurance Policy Review

An analysis of your existing insurance coverage will reveal any areas in which your organization is unknowingly absorbing the risks of financial loss – an uninsured loss. This involves a detailed review of your current insurance contracts measured against the operations of your organization. Recommendations are then offered based upon such an analysis.

Alternative Risk Financing Studies

The execution of these studies will discern recommended courses of financing your risks of loss. Is it insurance, self-insurance or a combination thereof? This will be a function of your organization’s financial profile; the nature of the risks; and management’s risk tolerance.

Health and Safety Programs

We can assist in the development or enhancement of your health and safety program and related human resource policies for your business. This includes Automobile Safety programs; Health and Safety policy development; and loss analysis.

Benefits To You

• A feeling of security that your risk management program has been examined, by an independent, objective risk management professional.

• Greater efficiency in your operations produced by the achievement of your risk management objectives, as part of your overall management system.

• Lower operational costs promoted by a reduction of accidents; remediation of insurance coverage gaps and/or structuring of your insurance programs.