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Eagle Workers' Compensation Trust

In the early 1990s, there was a core group of organizations which pooled their resources to escape the chaotic insurance market place for workers’ compensation. Now, the Eagle Workers’ Compensation Trust is an established success story.

The EWCT is a qualified self-insured workers’ compensation program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is composed of human service organizations which have a call to serve the needs of people.

Program Benefits

• The power (control) of the members to choose service providers promotes a high quality of service.

• A long-term, stable workers’ compensation cost which is more amenable to the financial constraints of an organization.

•  Effective, professional services which reduce claim costs.

• A competitive funding level as contrasted with the industry---- in addition to the advantages outlined.

• The return of surplus to the members based upon their ability to manage claims.

•  Investment income is earned on funds providing the same advantages as insurance companies.

•  Limited liabilities due to excess insurance protection and the pooling concept.

• An effective forum to exchange ideas with other members of the group who share common interests and goals. 

Program Services

Members choose the providers of services which include:

• In-House Claims Administration - Eagle Trust Management

• Risk Control – PMA Management

• Actuarial – Alliance Actuarial

Program Eligibility

The EWCT program is offered to those organizations residing in Pennsylvania which provide services to people with disabilities. There are underwriting considerations including an organization’s financial history; safety committee operation; and claims experience. There are minimum funding level requirments.

• Legal – Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP

• Financial Auditor – Kreischer Miller

• Program Administrator – Trinity Asset Protection

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